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132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10132 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10

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Reviewed by Marina Burger - 2 July 2012 at 07:09
Casual Winefly - 39 farms visited and 4 reviewed.

Kon die wyne net by die markie proe – die proe-lokaal was toe. Was steeds ‘n lekker ervaring. Het van die “Martha” gehou.

Reviewed by Reika Shucart - 13 June 2011 at 11:41
Discoverer Winefly - 93 farms visited and 27 reviewed.

Very very friendly crowd, had nice braai and wine tasting with them. Also we were able to visit saturday morning market, it was small but very good atmosphere.

Reviewed by Douglas Swanson - 9 May 2011 at 11:04
Master Winefly - 303 farms visited and 67 reviewed.

Because it was a Saturday morning, tasting took place in the market square behind the tasting room. Not the greatest of venues if you are serious about getting all the info about their wines. Nice selection of wines.

Reviewed by Christine Andrews - 10 April 2011 at 12:50
Discoverer Winefly - 48 farms visited and 49 reviewed.

We went on a Saturday, so the cellar door was closed. However you can try the wines at the Saturday market they were holding on their premises. The market is very cute, be sure to visit it. As for the wines, I liked the No.7 Sauvignon Balnc. However, I found the reds a bit too robust and dry for my liking. You can see my full review on my wine blog:

Reviewed by Chantelle Taljaard - 1 April 2011 at 09:48
Casual Winefly - 22 farms visited and 5 reviewed.

Stunning wyne
Lieflike mense
Heerlike markie

Reviewed by Johan Smuts - 24 March 2011 at 09:49
Discoverer Winefly - 64 farms visited and 16 reviewed.

Hierdie wynplaas se kleinboet en SB no 5 staan uit. Wat n uitstekende ontwikkeling van ‘n brand

Reviewed by Daniël Maree - 18 March 2011 at 14:56
Casual Winefly - 31 farms visited and 30 reviewed.

Pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of this unknown, to me at least, winery. I now have a regular supply of the Kleinboet working its way through my wine rack at home.

Reviewed by Hennie Coetzee - 4 January 2011 at 19:26
Super Fly - 255 farms visited and 188 reviewed.

Revisited and very disappointed with the quality of the tasting experience. Wines are great. Given a friendly greeting, we asked to taste the whole portfolio. We were told that even though we belong to their wine club, we still had to pay for the honour (?) of tasting the Bartho and No5 Sauvignon Blanc. Why do I bother to fill in forms when I get no benefit from belonging to the wine club. On top of this irritation, we were made to wait ages between pours, the information passed on about the wines were non existent and the amount poured so little that I hardly had a mouth full. This is not how you keep your loyal customers happy. FAIL.

Reviewed by Robyn Saul - 28 December 2010 at 16:03
Casual Winefly - 42 farms visited and 15 reviewed.

I love this farm – from their amazing reds to their fantastic marketing communications. They’re always worth a visit and they often have special offers from the tasting room, or via their newsletters. The Swartskaap is well worth the splurge, and their 1855 Posmeester is a good value drinking red – plus I adore the Bloos (probably my favourite Rose and goes brilliantly with even a curry!)

Reviewed by Jacques Weidemann - 25 July 2010 at 11:10
Firefly - 196 farms visited and 146 reviewed.

I love the original names they have for their wines. The wines are expensive but very good. The Swartskaap was the first on I fell in love with, and the rest did not disappoint. Go on a Saturday when they have the farmers market in the quad behind the tasting room

Reviewed by Madeleine Van Meyeren - 22 June 2010 at 15:10
Novice Winefly - 1 farms visited and 1 reviewed.

Ilse-Marie has been wonderful hostess. She has made us feel very welcome. This has been a memorable experience. All the Sauvignons Blanc are unique and fantastic examples of the variety. I have rated the “Swartskaap” as the best Cabernet Franc in the country, and now having tasting it at the winery, it has confirmed my rating.

Reviewed by Maggie Mostert - 16 May 2010 at 20:16
Firefly - 222 farms visited and 197 reviewed.

Very modern tasting facilities and well informed staff. Ask for the story behind the names of the wines. The Swartskaap is my personal favourite (the name and the wine) but try the Bartho it’s different from the usual Sauvignon Blanc fare.

Reviewed by Hennie Coetzee - 19 March 2010 at 22:39
Super Fly - 255 farms visited and 188 reviewed.

Excellent wines that are very cleverly marketed. Enjoy the modern tasting room with the Wine Sense style machines. The Swartskaap really quite remarkable and of course the Martha, Bartho and Arnoldus. Bartho Eksteen is sold as the Sauvignon King of SA, but I think his reds are actually better. Enjoy the dash of Nouvelle in the Bartho, making the green flavour spectrum incredibly broad.

Reviewed by Vanessa Alberts - 12 March 2010 at 16:27
Casual Winefly - 13 farms visited and 5 reviewed.

Addicted to Bloos!

Reviewed by Mary Swanson - 25 January 2010 at 23:55
Novice Winefly - 2 farms visited and 2 reviewed.

I recommend you join the wine club, the wines are fantastic and selling out fast. Glad we have a supply of Bloos and the Nr 5 is fabulous. The Sat morning markets an enjoyable way to spend the morning whether for breakfast or lunch – our favourite thing to do. We are always made to feel so welcome when we go there. Well done to all involved.

Reviewed by Carla Swanson - 13 December 2009 at 23:41
Discoverer Winefly - 51 farms visited and 54 reviewed.

Dié oorspronklike benaming vir die dorp Hermanus is ‘n mondvol. Net soos die 1855 Boeremark. Diè mark is neffens die Hemel en Aarde sentrum, ‘n inisiatief van die Hermanus Pietersfontein Wynlandgoed. ‘n Moderne mark, opgedollie in ‘n plaasgeurtjie en verpak en bedien met styl. Sommer met die intrapslag in die sement ‘arena’, word daar ingesit op ‘n hoë noot: bosse proteas te koop op ‘n eerlikheidsbasis – koop jou blomme en gooi jou munte in die kissie. Die stalletjie eienaars is uitgedos as voëls van dieselfde kleur – almal in enerse voorskote en met ‘n hoogs aansteeklike skoot gasvryheid beman.

Wyn word geproe, olywe en Tant Annie se gebak bespreek, en tou gestaan vir die moerkoffie.
Batho Eksteen is onbeskaamd Afrikaans en wyn met name soos Kleinboet, Swartskaap en Bloos, rol rond en ryk op die tong. Hetsy wit of rooi, hier is iets vir almal se smaak en sak. Die Arnoldus, Die Martha en Die Bartho is die ernstiger kant van die wynfamilie – die vele akkolades getuig daarvan. Bartho se pure-plaas wyne sal selfs die mees stoïese wynsnob verras.

Die oom wat langs my by die tafel sit, skroef sy marmelade oop en geniet dit saam met sy ciabatta brood en ander markware. Sy tafelgenoot is paraat het selfs haar eie piekniekstel gebring. Ons knibbel aan sjokelade en verkas dan weer terug na ons naweekwerf toe.

Reviewed by Geoff Harris - 21 July 2009 at 11:24
Novice Winefly - 1 farms visited and 1 reviewed.

Had a great taste or two


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